Managing Fonts

1. Setup

FileAgo v1.0 Created on: October 19, 2018

This document only applies for FileAgo server that is running in production.

FileAgo internally uses LibreOffice to generate previews of various file formats to display it on a browser.

For example, when a user uploads a .docx file, FileAgo runs it through LibreOffice and generates a .pdf version of the same file, and it is this .pdf version which is actually displayed on the web interface.

The LibreOffice which comes with FileAgo is pre-installed with a bare minimum set of fonts. If you see that the preview shown in the web interface is displaying a wrong font, then it is a case of that specific font being missing in LibreOffice.

Add new fonts

Copy the font files to /opt/fileago/dms/fonts directory, and then restart FileAgo:

cd /etc/fileago
docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yml stop 
docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yml start 

FileAgo builds the font cache during bootup, so the new fonts will be recognized now. Previews generated for future uploads will display the correct font.

Rebuilding font cache without restarting FileAgo is planned in the next version of FileAgo.