FileAgo Full Feature Set

FileAgo is the most feature rich File Management Software around

FileAgo has an extensive set of general features ranging from collaboration, file access, integration,security and many others, please refer to the below:


Responsive design

FileAgo works well on all major platforms like desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Fast access to data

FileAgo web application is blazing fast to use. A major reason for this is becuse it designed as a Single Page Application (SPA).

Always available

With its backend written entirely in Erlang, FileAgo can recover from crashes or errrors and will remain available 24/7 so that your business is never affected.

Quick deployment, easy setup

FileAgo is distributed as a Docker container, thus making it very easy for anyone to quickly test and deploy in their environment.

Data deduplication algorithm

FileAgo dedup algorithm can detect duplicate files, and also partial duplicate file contents (chunks). FileAgo only saves unique chunks, thereby achieving massive storage gains for an organization in the long run.

Sync local folders

FileAgo Sync Application (desktop agent) automatically syncs any change in your local folders with FileAgo server. Our dedup algorithm detects and transfers only the changed/new chunks (not the entire file) over the network.

Active Directory integration

FileAgo easily integrates with your organization's Active Directory or LDAP server, and can use it to fetch user accounts and for user authentication.

File Access

Access to older revisions

FileAgo keeps track of all changes made to a file, thus making it easy to recover older versions of it if required.

Secure data storage

Files are transferred via secure HTTPS, and stored at rest using AES256 military grade encryption.

Powerful search

Easily locate and access any file or folder which has been saved in FileAgo.

Recover deleted files

All files and folders that you delete go into Trash folder from where they can be retrieved within a period of time.

Preview files in browser

Preview files of all major file formats (images, videos, code, MS Office documents, AutoCAD formats) etc in the browser itself before deciding to download it locally.

Acts like a local disk drive

FileAgo's WebDAV-compatible component (WebDrive) allows users to mount and browse their data stored in FileAgo just like how they browse any local disk drive.



Create groups to store files and to collaborate among multiple users at a single place.

Discuss using comments

Add comments on files and folders to discuss and collaborate with other members inside FileAgo.

Create and edit Office documents

Create spreadsheets, documents and presentations from the browser itself. Multiple users can collaborate and live edit the same file simultaneously.

Share data with public users

Share files with public users (users outside your organization) in a safe and secure manner.

Share data with other users

Share files and collaborate with other users securely.


Access control

Restrict access to files and folders using flexible access control mechanisms.

Event logs

All actions and events are logged and can be viewed at any time.

Waterfall model file permissions

Permissions assigned to a folder applies to all items under it, and the permissions can be further overridden for individual items.

This enables a user to create flexible access rules to restrict or keep out other users or groups from accessing data.

Blocks password based attacks

FileAgo automatically bans IP for a temporary period of time if multiple failed login attempts are detected from it.

These options can be configured by administrator.

Two-factor authentication

FileAgo supports time-based OTP authentication. A user simply needs to pair his/her mobile device with the user account in order to activate 2FA.

Instant notifications

Get notified by email and popup alerts as soon as events happen.


Outgoing webhook

Configure an external endpoint, and FileAgo will POST notification of all file-related events instantly when it happens.

The possibilities are endless for developers (like, create a script to notify in Slack channel on change to certain files etc).


Refer to FileAgo API documentation and build softwares which integrate with FileAgo.

Check out FileAgo brochure for more information.