How FileAgo Compares With Others

FileAgo is the most feature rich File Management Software around

FileAgo has everything that an organization is looking for while investing in a secure file management, file sharing and collaboration software.

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We consider FileAgo top of the list in the following categories:
  1. Granular file and folder permissions
  2. Dedicated group workspace
  3. CAD file viewing & annotation through browser
  4. Advanced collaboration features
  5. Freedom for users to setup folder structure
  6. Advanced audit logs
  7. Share files with multiple groups
  8. Can be hosted on premises
  9. Secure access through FIle Explorer (WebDAV)
  10. Data de-duplication (file and block level)
  11. Folder sync
  12. Edit documents on browser
  13. Security with two-factor authentication
  14. Data encryption at REST (AES-256)
  15. Partial download of files
  16. Robust API for writing custom apps
  17. Outgoing webhooks